Are you a boss woman?


I notice that more and more companies, influencers, online and offline magazines talk about women power. How women should get a higher work position, how women must become managers, take part in this men’s world and make it own. But well not everyone tells us how to become that woman. And most important why women should be valued only by the job position?

What to do to be a manager? How to start a business or apply to a dream job? Is all that gives you a possibility to become someone? To become a boss woman?

Are you a boss woman?

What steps to make, courses to take and books to read?

Am I ok and still a cool, powerful woman if I want to work from 9-5? Yes, you’re. But sometimes we want something more. Because in human nature is normal to dream bigger, but sometimes we forget how to do it. And meanwhile, we are thinking about something more significant we are searching for information that could help us to get to the dream job, a dream life.

I think everyone’s chooses the path that is so personal to each of us that no one can give the exact to do list that could help to rich the goals and results in career.

Everyone is different, with distinct background, another way of thinking and acting.

However, there’s so much information that you can find out there, useful advice that can answer some of the questions. All that can help you to find your path. So let get’s through some of them.

1. Experience

Through many applications to a job position, I noticed that experience (obviously) is the requirement you need to have.

So maybe after many low paid internships or jobs on the lower position, you are searching for something more? Something better?

Probably with no direct experience, on what you want to do, but with the first-hand experience on the lower level.

The answer that you’re getting is always the same, not enough experience, not enough study and we can’t take your candidature in consideration. Would like to take in consideration relocation perhaps?

What? Why? I want this job; I’m ready for it. I’m good enough. I can learn quickly, give me an opportunity.

Don’t take NO as an answer. Don’t feel discouraged.

Work hard where you are right now. Asking maybe for some additional responsibilities. You can even invent your ones. For example, if you’re in sales, you can do more to raise the number of sales. If you’re in customer service, make even more to solve client problems, and make them come back to your company. If you need additional skills, then learn them. Instead of trying to make the same road and knocking to the same door, build your own.

2. Soft Skills

You may hear a lot about soft skills. What are they and do you need to have them?

Well according to Forbes

The traditional path of getting a college education or learning a skill, then taking a job and remaining in it for your entire career, is largely obsolete now.

Nowadays more and more employers are searching for skills such as empathy, curiosity and positivity, people who can work in a team, communication and much more.

But it is hard to point out all those skills.

You can’t have (unfortunately) a school certification in a positive attitude or emphatcy. It would be cool!

However, you can show to the company with your examples that you own them. Through your social media, volunteering, blogging, traveling, reading. Create a great Linkedin page that respects only your professional side.

3. Your business

Well, this is a hard one. Whatever you decide to do you need to acknowledge that it takes some risks.

However, if you are on the 9-5 job don’t leave it until you can earn enough money to take care of you and your family needs.

Be passionate and work hard. I suggest you listen to a pretty awesome podcast with Alex Ikonn. Some memorable things were said are

I want to lead a company that really matters, side note – that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to cure cancer

Nate Checketts

But don’t leave your current and consistent income for something that you only start to create. Build your financial security, pay the debts, and earn first money form your business.

In all the cases of starting your business, you will need money. It could be some savings, that you believe so hard in what you want to do that you can do a self-financing. It could be Angels or venture capitalist. Your family and friends can help you.

According to post

When it comes to financing a small business, the options are virtually limitless.

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Are you a boss woman?

It doesn’t matter where you work, what your position is. I don’t matter who you are but how you treat people.

You are a boss woman if you work hard, with integrity. You can be a boss woman even if you work in a factory, you sell burgers, or wash dishes. A boss woman is the one who works to provide for their families, sending children to school, helping others. For me a boss woman is the one who works hard during the day and studies in the evenings, a boss woman is that woman who despite all difficulties find the way to stay positive, be kind and polite.


about me

about me

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