Competition at work



Competition at work

Another day I was in a rather bad mood,  because of some issues at work. And the thing that was bothering me a lot was competition at work. And I mean not the one that is good and makes you go forward and try to compete in a healthy way. I’m speaking about one that everyone wants to do more and all because of money. I’m talking about the commission. It is an excellent way to boost people to get better results, to sell more and apply more energy. But sometimes it can cause a team split.

So commission at work are they good or bad?

It’s important to recognize that monetary reward is a center of the problem. When we start talking about money people change they mindset completely. There is no more team playing, empathy or helping each other. Does it so that those people who have are a stronger character, are more aggressive always win? Most of the time yes. And this is a fact.

But what to do if you are a team player, fair and honest? And you don’t have that innate instinct to be the first no matter what.

“Upgrade,” but stay yourself

Well, for most of us, to upgrade yourself is the only way. It means you should learn some skills that get you to receive the commission without losing yourself.

If you don’t have an innate aggressive character, you can not get it as a Christmas gift, and I don’t think you will need it.

  1. First, you can become more professional. What does it mean? You have to study at home, from mentors the real ones or virtual; You have to know the product or service that you sell. And understand it better than others. Be always prepare. The knowledge in your case will be a different quality that makes you stand up without harming your coworkers.
  2. Build a stable working relationship with your client. It takes time but when you have a substantial list of clients that trust only you, and it will become your insurance. It is as good for you as for a company that you work.
  3. Don’t let anyone stop you. Literally. If you have a potential client, don’t give you coworkers say that they where first or this is mine client, I saw him first or something like this. Come on, “first,” “mine”? What does it mean? Aren’t we in the marathon?
    People sometimes are unkind and in my opinion with a lack of professionalism. We all work for the company, but I think now more than ever it should be about health working relationship. Because we stay 8 and more hours together and it should be a pleasant environment. It will get more and better results for the team and company.

My experience

Don’t get discouraged. Try to work on your skills and develop them. I did it. I’m working in a very competitive working place, and in general, I think retail, sales, fashion, and maybe many more are very competitive. Honestly, I’m not an aggressive person and not pushy. I prefer to be appreciated for my skills and not for how I crushed my coworkers to get more money. I’m working hard on my list client; I study about the product I sell and try to be honest with the customer, I try to read and get information about every argument that I think could help to have a high intellectual conversation with a client.

So my advice to you is to learn how to develop a thick skin. Keep your chin up, with eyes firmly on the prize.

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Competition at work


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