13 Hacks how to find your dream job!



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Hacks how to find your dream job!

Ready, set, go!

If you are a hardworking person, who believes that through hustling, working, dedicating you can reach your goals, you’re my person.

Because let me be honest, the commitment is your secret weapon to get all from your career and indeed find your dream job.

To achieve dreams and goals, we need to work.

As a result, you need to start somewhere. So start today.

But remember where you get is as much important as how you get there.

Don’t forget the kindness and helping others is the thing that will keep your integrity and won’t let you lose the right path.

Be kind.

Before starting any journey, we need a map.

You, my friend, need a well-written plan, with specific goals and steps to make.

So, make a plan and work on it.

1. Make a plan


Write down the goals that you want to achieve. Goals should be achievable and measurable.

Let’s see an example of a seller.

Most of us are sellers in our life, it could be a real estate, or you work in the bank, and you must sell products, or you a sales assistant and must accomplish month targets.

Everyone, in some way, is a seller.

So if you want to ask for a promotion or raise, then you have to present in front of your boss with measurable results.

Start with a to-do list or a plan.

Perhaps that you need to reach the budget targets in sales, then put as a goal target to make some surplus on a budget.

Maybe you’re excellent in public relation and with clients. So you can bring some new clients to your company.

Whatever you decide to do it should be related to what you want to get.

If you want to become a manager and be responsible for a people (that are now your co-workers )  you need to work in a team with them — showing to your boss that you are excellent in leading and teamworking.

See, in the end, you can’t just take something without putting effort and hard work.

2. Fashion industry 


I always want to work in fashion industries.

So if you want to work in fashion, then you need to be more specific. Today, more then ever, fashion jobs become more prosperous, and brands extend the needs of different profession. Today you can find a vocation in the whole new fashion industry.

Let take as an example of the digital fashion industry.

This post includes affiliate links, meaning no extra costs to you. I might make a small commission if you decide to buy something. And remember, I promote only those products and services that I use and genuinely believe.

More and more brands are searching for new co-workers in this digital area, Such as social media manager, digital merchandiser, email manager, copywriter, and much more.

However, if you are a traditional girl, then you can find a job too.

Set goals:


To sum up, the starting point is to understand what you want and make a plan on how to find your dream job.


3. Create a CV


You could say: “Well, that’s it? Is it so simple?”

Well, it’s not. You need to write an excellent CV. I suggest you use a template. You can buy one or better to create yourself. I recommend using Canva. You can find there pretty neat and professional theme to start your CV. Be smart and use the space wisely, because you have to be short but precise.

Below you’ll find a free example that you can see on Canva. You can change everything, colors, font, etc.




4. Search for a job


The next step you must do is to search for a new job or maybe upgrade the existing one.

First, you have to have a Linkedin profile.

Companies, brands, HR managers, requiters search on this platform people to hire. It is perfect for exploring open job positions, for putting yourself out there, and to network.

Above all that you will find information about companies, influencers, people with the same mindset as yours.

Do not undervalue this platform. It is quite useful.

If you want to work in a specific company, go to their website and search for something like “Work with us,” “Careers.”

Whatever you decide, you have to prepare yourself for anything.

5. Stable financial position


I’m talking about your finance.

Put some money aside. This amount of money will give you freedom of choice. I always speak about financing, budgeting, and how important to feel safe with money. We are working not for glory or purpose in our life. We are also working to gain money.

So, it could seem very unreal, but money is one of the essentials in job searching. But if you are at least prepared, and you have some saving, it is a start.

I suggest you read this book, written by Dave Ramsey. He explains a lot how we all should spend money, how to invest, and most importantly, how to pay debts. Have a look.

6. Find a hobby or a hustle


Finding or hobby or creating something only for you like an aside hustle will help you to distract. Meanwhile, you’re distracting; and you’ll learn new skills, meet people, who think like you. Maybe through you aside hustle you can find the path to find your dream job.

Because sometimes happens in our lives that the door is shouted down in front of us. It is sad. But it isn’t bad as you think. Maybe you can build your door or get from the window.

Do whatever brings you joy, happiness, and it should be fun. It isn’t your job it something that you’re passionate about it.

7. Work hard and be kind


No matter where you are now, on the top or the bottom is always remarkable how you work, how you treat your co-workers. It is crucial to give 100 percent and stay professional no matter how hard it would seem.

So let look closely.

Your professionalism, knowledge, and commitment are success weapons. Whenever you feel that you have a lack in some questions, upgrade your skills, or acquire the new one.

Learn new things and develop skills. There is a lot of courses online, books, and free information that you can find. Especially if you’re on a budget, free resources are the first hack on how to find your dream job.

8. Workplace environment


The second point is to find a workplace with health, secure, and relaxed environment.

However, most of the time, people choose the workplace not because of where to work, but how much you gain, how prestigious the company is, etc.

The hack to land in your dream career is to research about the company, brand, or startup before you apply for an open position.

Luckily, all the companies have a website, and they put some information there.

So, learn what company do for their employees. Maybe you want to work for an eco-friendly company, then find one.

Link down all the qualities that the company must have, for example: care about people, sustainable, have an impact, etc. 

The company that you are searching for should respect all the criteria that you want.

9. Stay always kind and polite


And the tool to get there is to be helpful and respectful.

I think kindness is something that schools should teach people.

At the workplace, it isn’t a secret that most of the upper managers or companies CEO have issues with quiet unprofessional and unhealthy environment; what at the end can conduce companies to lose not only clients and profits but good employees as well.

There are some rules that I try to apply to me and be honest when I make a mistake. For example, no gossiping, no stealing other people work, try to help people who are working with me, explain and not judge.

But what can I do when you have an unprofessional boss?

You know, like I always say people don’t leave companies they leave managers.

In my opinion, companies should invest more and train managers in becoming more leaders and be fewer managers.

10. Tips for managers


There are some suitable lessons that all managers can learn, some hacks for your managers:

Be honest with yourself asking. – ” Am I taking this job only for prestige, or can I become excellent in this? Because I really like people, and I want to work with them and lead them!”

Most of the managers are not honest neither with themselves nor with others. But maybe one day you’ll become a manager, so make sure to ask yourself some questions.

Everyone can be a manager, but not everyone can be the leader. To become a leader, you should conquer your colleague’s respect. Through hard work, good example, and kindness, and integrity

There is no individualism. The real managers think about “we” and never “I.” So if you’re a starting manager or even seasoned one try to use more words like ” the team, we, us” and less” I, you and mine.”

Let see your employees that you care about them, correspondingly treat them. I think no micromanaging should exist; I believe it is already outdated.

11. Bring value


Always bring value. No matter what your position is, still deliver value to the company as it would be yours.

If you’re good with clients, take advantage of your skills, and win their trust. Bring value to the customers and in the same way of profits to the company.

Or maybe you’re secure in product knowledge then pass it to your colleagues.

If you need to upgrade skills, don’t wait that company asks you. Find out what you need to learn and search for the course, the book, or meeting.

Hope you find your way to feel valued at your old or new workplace.

12. Work with what you have


Do not wait; the time will nevere be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatevere tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be foundas you go along.

George Herbert

To go ahead in your career, you must appreciate where you work now. Every work you do makes you the person who you are and become.

There is no bad experience, low paid summer internship or a useless task. Every task that you accomplish is a wealth of are. Take everything from your current workplace, learn as much you can.

Take the example of a waitress/waiter. Working as a waitress, you learn how to work with customers, how to deal with a demanding customer, you train your memory, you can understand what is working in a team.

It is a perfect start.

All the knowledge you’ll bring with you.

And believe one day you are gonna need in future workplaces and to find your dream job.


13. Real intention vs. daydream goals


What yre your real plans? You have to understand that whatever your dream career is you must have real intentions to reach that goal. It ‘is not enough to dream of being a stylist, or photographer, an artist or a blogger.

For example, I want to work in the fashion industry. Though I realize that I can not be a designer, I can’t draw, I’m not an artist. But I can pick from other hundreds of jobs in fashion.

Or per I  desire to work in restoration or catering industry. And it doesn’t mean that I must cook.

You see what I mean.

It is ok to dream, it is necessary to live better, but try to individuate a real dream and goals.

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In the end, I want to say that there always be some issues in the workplace. Be patient with your search. However, I think the most crucial hack on how to find your dream job is to work with friendly, polite, and kind people. We spend most of our time at work, and working in a toxic environment is os unhealthy and stressful. And it doesn’t matter how much money you earn. I wish you all to find your comfortable spot and be successful. Write to me what do you think. Or maybe you have some ideas. I’m always so happy to hear from you!

Ciao, baci!



13 hacks how to find your dream job



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