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So how to create a blog like a pro?

Honestly, I’m not the full-time blogger. Blogging is my passion and aside hustle. After my 9 hours of work when I come back home love to dedicate some time to write the content that I’m interested. But before all this I as you now was searching for all the information about blogging on which I could get my hands on. Blogs, books, tutorials. And all of them was telling me the one main thing before the even start I should have my domain. What is the domain for me was a mystery? So hilarious! But here I am, writing you my dear friend about the domain.

I clearly understand that there is a lot of information about a domain, hosting and much more and all that is advertising as mine post is today.

As a blogger only at the beginning and entirely new in this world, I was so in trouble when I started a blog.

I didn’t know where to start and how to start. I only wanted this blog badly. Through fortuity, I found on Kotryna Bass blog, and  I thought perhaps I could make it.

Coming back to hosting I choose SiteGround. 

It the best for me now, at the current blogs level. I am a beginner; I get that. For that simple reason, I pick out the StartUp plan. I consider everything, how much money I can invest especially with one yer payment, what services I want for my starting blog. It was quiet easy to understand how it works and what this hosting offers.

Choose a Plan

Choose a plan that is suitable to your needs. If you are only starting, then you suggest you go for a StartUp. Otherwise, go for GrowBig or if you’re much further than me then what can I say, probably you know all information better than me.

Choose Domain

When you have done with the plan, the most exciting part is choosing a cool name for your domain. It will be the same for your blog.

Hope it is easy for you to choose the name. It wasn’t for me. I researched for hours, well days what should be the best catchy name for the blog. And you know what happened? Nothing.

Then one day I was playing with words and the rest is a story.

choose domain

What makes the difference?

So what makes you different from others starting bloggers? And how to start a blog like a pro makes you a better blogger? It makes you look more professional. I already talked about this in my blog post How to start a blog, where I describe the choice of buying a theme. That doesn’t mean that you should buy one.

I think when for example we are going on a first date we all try to look our best. And we want to make a good first impression. The same is with the blog. We want to make a good impact. To make sure that readers want to go on the second date with us.

The easiest start

You know it is straightforward. With a few clicks, you can have your small space where you can express all that you want to say. For me, it was easy to decide because I  trust the information that The Blogger Koryna Bass gave me so I knew that I could rely on her.

SiteGround have some pretty good services. Once, I combined a disaster with my blog on WordPress. It was indeed a mess. I was so frustrated and sad because I thought that I lost all my job. I paid some additional 24€ or even less to do a backup ( in the plan GoGeek this service is included), and as it didn’t happen at all, I get my blog back.

From that day I learned never to do something that doesn’t know or understand. I’m not a programmer, and I will not pretend to be one ever again. I learned the lesson.

And that Sitground is the quickest help I ever received.

start sitgorundWhat you need more

First, you have to install the Plugins.

Secondly, let’s talk about the pictures. You can’t use from google. But there are some solutions, free or to purchase. I use images and photographs from

But most of the pictures that you see on my blog and Instagram are or mine or from a

The last one isn’t free. And I’m paying full price and don’t sponsor them. I love the high-quality picture, professional look, and easy access. So if you want to invest, try them. They’re not the most expensive ones on the market. And bonus that they give you for subscribing to the newsletter is sending you some free pictures. Try to see if they fit with your blog or brand, and get an idea.

Hope you find this post helpful. And let me know

Tips how to create a blog like a pro written by endlessconstant


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