Identify learning opportunity to develop the people strategy



Identify learning opportunity to develop the people strategy

I agree with article Three Ways To Focus On Employee Development from Forbes that is talking about three principles of growing people. But more than that I would like to speak with you about how small things can change the perception about team leader, about how to act, that goes unfortunately in a very uncomfortable situation in long terms.

How identify learning opportunity? First of all, people who want to work for the company that cares about them. And even if it so sometimes the managers that support teams don’t care about that. They care about them self first and they position. A group of people is like an excellent working machine. And the same I can say about a company in a complex.

Until everything works well, the results will come.

1. Be a part of a team.

If you are a leader, it means you should be a part of a team. You have to be a leader and give an example. To understand better what developing strategy adapt, you have to know people with whom you are working. Simply like that.

When your manager thinks he’s always right and that your opinion irrelevant.

What to do?

Well, people who believe that they don’t need confrontation, opinion exchange and growing, then these people aren’t leaders. They are executors. So don’t take as an example people like that, they have nothing to teach you. For some reason in some of the companies, the belief that executors are useful persist.

But soon or late it will change. An incredibly fast technology evolution, getting information now at the present moment, customers to whom we offer our service or products. All these elements are changing our mindset and sometimes forces us to grow faster than we even want to. So soon or later the executors will be only dinosaurs about whom however no one will make a movie.

We need to keep working until you don’t find an exceptionally enthusiastic working environment. And believe you will do.  For this reason, my blog exists. I want to inspire you and companies out there that change is coming already and they have to rewind who working with them.

2. Recommend new ideas

The team manager, company, human resources or even an employee can recommend an outstanding strategy on how to develop people skills to get a better result. Sometimes companies tops should listen who is on the bottom. And we should propose new ideas. That could work again only if the team manager is a good leader and a proper listener.

However, if there are not possible learning opportunities, then you have to find one.

There are many courses, books and free information out there.

We need to develop our skills.

I recommend you the course that I take all the time when I need or better to say when I crave for the new knowledge. Have a look at some courses on Coursera. You’ll find something.

In a multi-level company, it is harder to create a learning strategy with and for the people on the bottom of the company.

For example a retail brand.

The sales assistant have less attention than anybody else because they are at the bottom level of the company. However they are the first who meet the client, they have the first contact with them, they know better than anyone else in the company customers needs and wishes.

This kind of company with a pyramidical structure is a reality of almost every company out there. So the ground level sometimes is forgotten, but it is the most important. My suggestion to all managers is to pay attention to the hard working people, or better say a first-hand worker. In all the companies exist inspection. For example in retail brands. Exist the role of ” mystery” shopper.
You know I agree to check time to time employees but doing that company should ask: Why?
Simple question, isn’t?
Well not exactly. I think, and it is my humble opinion that when we do check up on our employees, we shouldn’t punish them, but teach them. People are capable of learning. So the figure of a mystery shopper is a punisher or a teacher. I think the first one. The same happens in another workplace. I don’t get why the company wants to punish someone instead to teach, to instruct own employees. Questioning why, what for, what can we learn, what can we explain in the end for what purpose.

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My experience

Take me for example. I’m working in fashion and retail company for a few years now. My company does some courses to develop skills employees. It is a cost for a company, but in the long term, it is a more confident and professional employee that bring the best results.

What happens to me as well when I started learning a new language, and I’d invest my money to reach this goal my will to learn has been diminished. I was so upset that my manager was saying to me that no one in the company cares about my studies.

And I think for many of you this happen as a weel. Managers that think they are better than anyone else aren’t proper mangers. So if someone diminished what you are doing, learning and growing your skills, then you are doing everything right. Keep going to learn and work. And one-day award in your company or another one will come. Don’t forget that no one can take your knowledge from you. And only envious and scared people want to take your will to learn and go forward. Don’t listen to them. You know that you’re doing everything right. So keep going.


3. Take any opportunity

So if in your company you have a chance to travel for work, do it. You’ll si another working place, meet new people and you will learn from them. The first source of learning is people. Different backgrounds, other managers, new co-workers. Everything will add value to you. In my opinion, companies should invest in people. Should invest in a good manager, competent leaders. And sometimes behind numbers, there are real people. Inside movement should work. I mean working in the way that company can meet demand with an offer. On different levels, they are professionals, with maybe lack of experience but significant potential and enthusiasm to grow. When we miss these opportunities, we can lose employees and loyalty to the company.

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