Is personal development essential for our happiness?




Personal development

Today I want to talk about self-improvement and self-care. Mostly, about personal growth and what does it mean for us.

And I want to talk about taking care of yourself because a member of my family a young woman with a husband and two beautiful kids suffer from panic attacks and depression. I read something about it, and it is pretty scary. Indeed, what happening with you at that moment is fearful.

However, most of the women nowadays feel tired, exhausted from routine, not motivated. They are just living their lives, and they don’t suffer from depression of any kind.

On the other hand, some women and men suffer from depression, and I have no medical skills to talk about that argument. The least I can do is sending you my positive vibes, and I wish you to get better soon.

Is personal development essential for our happiness?

I want to gorw. I want to be better. You grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear. 

Tupac Shakur

Self-realization, or self-improvement, personal growth, and development are the same things. Are they so important for a woman and men? According to

Personal development is also known as self-development or personal growth. It involves the growth and enhancement of all aspects of the person, the feelings the person has about himself or herself, and their effectiveness in living. It includes the development of positive life skills and the development of a realistic and healthy self-esteem.

So I think it is vital to feeling good.

I think for all of us the most crucial thing in life is work.

You may say I get out of my mind, but working, feeling useful and being useful is the best sensation in life. We are humans, and we are made to work, study and evolve.

So, yes I think working is one of the essential keys to be happy.

The reason why my family member (let’s call her Kate) suffer from depression because for a long time she doesn’t work. She takes cares about a husband, who decides about their financial situation, which provides for his family. She is home staying mom who takes care only about the kids and home. Before she was a pretty cool young woman, she worked, get out with friends and was independent. I think independence in our lives is quite essential to feel secure and free. We have to be independent. We need to work, to earn our money and be able to make our own financial decisions.

But not only that. There are some other things that you and Kate can do. Let’s see what I found.

1. Reading books.

Reading it is such a magical and unexpected way to get out of your routine. It helps you to learn new skills, to improve the language, to be prepared for an argument, and feel confident to speak with people.

If you have no time to read than listen to an audiobook, it is such a cool way to do it. Meanwhile, you’re cleaning your home, or cooking dinner you’re listening to an audiobook.

I suggest reading at least two not fictional books in a month. And if you like a romance book than read them. As long as you get your hands on a book, article, blog post it doesn’t matter anything else.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. 

Dr. Seuss

2. Learn

Importantly is to take courses online or not. And you can’t say you have no time. Find it for your self. Learn a new language, a skill. Go to the cooking course. Do something with your life. Life should be a joy for everyone. And I’m not saying that it is always smooth. In most of the times, it will be hard and unpredictable. But if I am here to writing this post, you can do it too.

You know, let me be honest with you. I was born into a low-income family. It was a hard time in our country; After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, our country was young. As a result, it was huge chaos. It was hard. My parent worked hard and still do. But it was not enough. We didn’t know at the time what it was depression, panic attacks, self-pity. We worked, well my parents did, very hard. There was no time to anything else.

But to clarify, we were happy. We appreciate the time together. We read a lot of books, watched movies together.

And my parent always taught me that I must learn, I must study. Not for them, or other people. Only for me. Because no one can take my knowledge form me.

So get that course, learn Spanish or French. Do something that makes you happy.

3. Personal development is impossible if you don’t take care of your self

Above all, it is essential for us is our health. Be careful what you’re eating, do some long walks, sport. Take time for your self.

When you’re unhealthy nothing else is matter. So this point should be first and not third. Let say it is a bonus one.

4. Volunteering

That’s right. First, according to a Forbes article, it is a fantastic way to learn new skills. Meanwhile, you learn skills you are helping others too. And it so good for your soul. Second, it makes you happy.

People who volunteered monthly were 7% more likely to be happy. The more they volunteered, the more that number increased.

Personal development in simple words

There is nothing simple in personal growth. No matter if we speak about professional, physical, emotional growth it is hard work on yourself. Don’t push yourself if you feel that you’re not ready. But don’t stay a lot at the same point. Don’t let yourself stuck.

Like Kate, she was, and she still is an interesting woman. But at some point in her life, she lost herself. She dedicates her time to her children and husband. But it isn’t all. We like human beans are selfish. Kate needs professional help, but I think before that there is a point when you feel that something is going wrong. At that point, you need to take action, to take care of your self. Don’t lose your life and don’t spend all your time on others, leave something for you. Don’t become another Kate.

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Is personal development essential for our happiness?


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