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More I go further with my career more I get that knowledge is the power, learn and you’ll get the power.  Of course, sometimes it is luck. But most of the time is hard work, expertise and a bit of luck that brings you a higher result. Learning new skills and upgrading the old ones is the key to success. Unfortunately, you won’t see the results in a short time. Be patient, and in the long term, you’ll get the results that you were working for all this time.

So scroll down and read more about it.

1. Learn what you need but as well what you love

Complicated? Well, maybe a bit. What I want to say is that you have to enjoy what you’re doing. Especially if it is a long-term investment. Some of the days, you’ll want to quit. Moreover, you will leave on half because you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. And this is a fact.

For example, you need to learn a new language or maybe improve the one you know already. Try to find a fun way to learn.

Learning a language

You know learning a language is all about consistency and practice. There is no other way to do this. You have to be all the time surrounded by the language you learning.  I think today to have power is to learn a language. Especially in English. I’m not a native English speaker, and I think you have noticed it from my grammar. I try my best to become more fluent, better in my English but I’m not so lucky to be born in an English speaking country.

Moreover, I have to work twice harder to get where I want. It is all fruit of my hard work, learning every day something new and still feel sometimes not enough. So who are there that are not native English speakers don’t give up? And don’t feel bad if you make mistakes. You know why? You’re allowed to make them because you’re learning.


I start this blog, and before launching, I was wondering in which language should I write. Should be Italian, because now I’m Italian and I speak fluently, or should it be Lithuania or Russian, because I was born and raised in Lithuania. I was asking my self which I can reach and how many people I can help. In other words, I decided that English is the best choice. So many people speak English, and it doesn’t matter where they live as long as they speak English. It can be Indians, Russians, Mexicans and so on. As long as they have a little bit of knowledge of English they can find some useful information on my blog. And this is the whole purpose of writing. To reach people all over the world and be helpful.

And for the grammar, well I have a trick that I use. I use Grammarly. It helps me stay clean with the mistakes that I make. And believe it would be a disaster without it. I use all premium package, and thanks to Grammarly I can be focused on my writing and Grammarly will think about everything else.

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2. My experience

I always want to give my personal touch. Not only write in generall my personal opinion, because you know that blog is typically personal opinion but also to narrate my experience.

As you know, or not, I’m working in fashion retail for seven years now. If your desire to work in the fashion area I will link below the posts where you can find some tips on how to get there. But back to us, working in fashion isn’t so easy as it seems. Especially if your desire is to work in fashion offices, such as marketing, product development, visual merchandising and so on. Most of the career goals in fashion are reachable only getting a free internship.

I can’t do this.

I’m 33 three years old, and I need to work. My financial situation doesn’t allow me to work for free. But if you’re a student, a young girl then an internship is what you need to start your fashion career.

But women like me who are working to pay the bills, food, home, send their kids to school, go on vacation. Despite this, they have dreams too. What’s more, we want to get a better working position, maybe in fashion; we want a job that we deserve.

So what can they do?

What I’m currently doing?

You can start a blog. Yes, that’s right. I started this blog, yes to help others, but to help me too. Having said that I want to have some online presence, my online portfolio, to learn new skills. I was green in online working, but I was always interested in it. It is entirely another world, with different rules. Furthermore, you need to be quick to learn and most important be curious, learn the skills and invest.

What value will bring you starting a blog?

Non less than an online presence. Most of the companies nowadays before hiring someone digits their name in google. They want to know who you’re and what you do.

It could be a Linkedin profile, Instagram or personal blog. Why not? You’re free to be creative and bring people value.

Another thing to remember that you’ll acquire new skills out of necessity. What does it mean?

Well, you’ll learn something about photoshop and how to create templates, boards, pins on Pinterest, branding, promoting, how to write content marketing and much more. To put in another word, you’ll learn the skill that will open you new professional doors. Take me for example. Now I’m looking job not only in retail as a physical location but as well as online opportunities. I’m competent things such as SEO, marketing content and more. Skills that I never thought I would have and enjoy to do.

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3. Power

So where is the power you can ask me? The power is in you. You become more powerful when you know more, and you’re more professional. You’re confident and secure. This is power. So be strong, be bold, try hard and when you feel stuck try even harder. Learn and get control.

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Learn and Power


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