No degree? No worries!



No degree? No worries!

So your situation is quite simple. You don’t have a degree, but still, you need to work.

And there are many jobs that you could do, even work as an upper manager. But you need to start somewhere.

So today’s blog post is for all that girls and women out there that are thinking that they are not enough. You are more than enough.

So for some career paths, it is required a university degree such as becoming a doctor, lawyer or engineer, etc.

But it exists a variety of jobs on the market where a degree isn’t in the first place.

It could be a plus when you apply, but it isn’t a necessity to get that job.

If you need to work, you can easily find one. You have to have a will to do it.

A friend of mine is always in search of a job.

And when I asked her if she finds the job, the answer is still the same.

Well, there is no suitable job for me. It is the time of crisis, and I have no degree.

So I can’t get a better-paid job.

A bunch of other excuses. Yes, that’s right.

For some reason, people are searching for the explanation of why they don’t work. But the idea is simple; If you don’t have any physical or methal obstacles, then you can find the job.

It is a different question when you want to have a better workplace, more responsibility, perhaps as an upper manager, or become a person in charge. But you can.

Stay focused on what you want.

There is nothing that could stop you.

Even without any degree, you can find a job, climb a career ladder and in future take a degree if you need one.  I’ll give some tips.

Motivation story

But first I want to tell you about a friend of mine.

She is born and raised in Lithuania, and I met her a few years ago.

She is a brilliant girl and has a higher degree, but unfortunately, she can’t put it on practice because her degree is not recognized in Italy.

So she starts to work in a bakery, and she was okay with that.

But one day she told her that she wanted something more.

She was always passionate about helping others and decided at age 33 to become a nurse.

And growing up her daughter, working from the early morning she made it.

Now she is a nurse.

I take her always as an example. Whenever I’m tired, or I feel stuck, I’m thinking about her.

Everyone can do it. You have to believe in your self. We are stronger than we think.

Though if you feel stuck sometimes and all the days are the same, and day after day you do the same task over and over again, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change.

Work hard, believe, study, and always grow. Never stop going. It is the key.

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And now I will link you some tips on how to evaluate the qualities that you have, even if you don’t have a degree.

1. Your CV

It shouldn’t be a normal one. It should be unusual, exciting, and real.

Any experience, I mean the relevant one, must be written in your CV.

Some cool projects that you took part, volunteering, working knowledge, and related task and responsibilities.

Choose a  format, a template that suits that particular job application.

For every job, you have to write a different cover letter.

Oh common, I hear from here how loud you’re complaining. Put some effort.

2. Strat from the button and go up

Yes,  if you don’t have a degree, you have to be at an entry level. Work hard, and whenever there is a free position, ask to take that place.

Try to upgrade your skills by taking some online courses, learn a language, read the books relevant to your job. It is never to late to learn.


3. You don’t need a degree

Even if you don’t have a university degree, maybe you don’t need one at all.

Or instead, you need to have some peculiar skills.

All online jobs nowadays don’t require to have a degree but a capacity to accomplish tasks.

These skills you can acquire only through the first-hand experience.

It could be anything copywriting, photoshopping, google analytics, SEO knowledge, content creator, video and photo editing, etc.

Many brands, companies, startups need professional online experts

. And you know that there is no specific degree to take for these professions. Online jobs are still under development.

You can start here.

4. Online presence

Online presence and online portfolio.

Having an active presence on social media is key.

And I don’t mean the account that shows your cats; dogs thought they are so cute.

I mean a professional presence.

Like very cool Instagram, with an excellent photo. You can have more than one Instagram profile, one private, and one professional.

Linkedin is essential too, active presence, that shares your professional interests with others like you.

To know more about you, HR could find some interesting information on online platforms.

So be careful what you post.

If you share a lot, in that case, make your profile private showing more to your friends and less for everyone out there.


Another online platform that I love and use is Pinterest.

However, it is a little bit different.

It isn’t social because you don’t socialize directly with people.

But you show your interests, and it could be an excellent way to show companies who you are.

If you’re a blogger, it could be a perfect way to bring your content and what you have to say to people.

You can use it differently.

And learning more about it could be a chance to develop another skill.

But as a girl who works every day from 9 to 5, and even more, I don’t have much time to pin all my pins. From the beginning of my blogging journey, I start to use some services that allow me to automate tasks and to save time. One of them is Tailwind. I choose pins, time, and how often I want to pin.

It takes me really less time then I would do it manually.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Think pieces

In the end, I would like to share some personal experience and thoughts.

I’m working in fashion retail, and I love my job; nevertheless, I am not growing in my career.

After seven years working in fashion industry, I understood that there’re some issues and things that I could and would change through talking about them on my blog.

I’m interested in people’s behavior in their workplace, working in a team, leadership, empathy at work, be kind, studying and developing new skills and assets.

So I hope you find some extra push in my blog post to step out from your comfort zone, to believe in yourself and to believe in others.

I trust my gut in saying that companies need to look more carefully on people who are in charge, that there is no toxic environment or gossiping, or bullying.

I’ll repeat over and over again that employees don’t leave the company they leave managers.

Ciao, baci!



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