I got rejected from a job. How you fight through rejection?



I got rejected from a job

I got rejected from a job. How you fight through rejection?

What to do when you don’t get a job?

First of all, don’t upset and don’t give up. I get you. I know that you did a professional and well-made curriculum vitae. Your presentation letter is quite impeccable, and you have all the qualities for that job, or at least you think you do. But in the end, you have been rejected. What can I say? It is a pretty sad situation. And you can, no better to say, you have all rights to be angry and upset. However, I’ll give you some tips that could help you to deal with this situation.

1. Get feedback

When you got rejected from a job, the first thing to do is ask information. Don’t be afraid to ask feedback about your CV, cover letter and what you can do to improve them.

HR in most of the time are willing to give you such information. Be prepared to receive negative feedback and some positive notes. You couldn’t do all wrong. Sometimes you will receive information about your skills, so you know that you must learn and do some courses. But sometimes it could be a lack of experience.

So what to do when you got rejected form job application because you have not enough experience? It is such a stupid thing. Let me say that. You can’t earn more experience because no one takes the risk to give you a job, and because of that, you can’t acquire expertise. So how can you manage to solve this problem?

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2. Find the way to upgrade your skills

Now, more than ever you can find and get as much information as you want or need. You can learn whatever you wish to. And time is not an issue anymore. In the morning early, during your lunchtime or maybe after you put your kid to the bet, you can study and upgrade your skills. I get you. It is so hard. But let me be honest it will bring you more success rather than watching TV.

However, even if we have all the skills, certificates and we took courses online and offline, but still we are in lack of experience. The only thing we can do is to start with an effective CV and a presentation letter.

You see, you have to become a good seller. You have to sell what you have at the best price. And the price is to get the job of your dreams. You have to be smart that the company wants to take a risk and offer you a position. Give the companies or a brand something that they don’t expect. For example, it could be you and hustle. Maybe you’re a self-published author, or you’re a volunteer, perhaps you have your blog and website. Include all information, but only the one that could show your personality, your consistency, and purpose in life. Not that you cook cupcakes or love the dosa. However, I love cakes and dogs I would never write that in my CV or cover letter.


3. Try again and again

Try again. If today you didn’t get a job it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same answer in the future. Never stop dream and work on your goals.

I found some pretty awesome information in this post on careercontessa.com. It is well done and give you some useful tips on how to pursue your career path even if you got rejected from a job. One of the suggestions is networking.

You know, we tend to go out and network with people less and less. Some of the reason are:

Guess what? You need to find a way to work it.

Meet the real people in your industry or in the industry that you would love to work is crucial. To clarify it not only open some doors but as well as your mind. Meeting interesting people and socializing can bring you to new ideas. Meanwhile find events that you could go, take a course but not online. Meet real teachers; professional can be good for you. The course can be a short one, maybe only one-day meeting. Staying in contact always with the same people can become frustrating and if people around you are toxic, or you’re working in a poisonous environment than probably making a small trip will be good for your mind, soul, and health.

4.Tink piece

In the end, you’ll find the job of your dream, or you will invent your own. And even if you see some injustice or people who go through quickly on their career path and you still there on the same spot don’t be angry about it. Don’t let you down. Try again. Learn more. Read more books. Get in touch with people who have the job of your dream and ask questions. Be bold.

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