The work behaves tips that will change your career life



The work behaves tips that will change your career life.

That’s right.

It is crucial to have a real, professional behave at a workplace. Your language, the way you speak to others, how you relate to your coworkers and your manager. How you approach the customer? How you sell if you need to sell? Do you work well under pressure? Are you a relatable coworker? Do you need to expand your skills?

We have many questions. And today I will try to answer some of them. And in the same way, I’ll give some work behaves tips on how you can work and feel a little bit better at the workplace.

I don’t have psychological studies. I’m talking from some information that I read in books and most from my personal experience or experience of the people who I know. In the future, I would like to collect more information about work behave, and if you have a story to, say, please contact me. I want to write about you.

Let’s go back to us.

1. The way you talk

No matter what you say but how you do it!

It could be a critique, a correction or a comment or maybe observation. It doesn’t matter what you say but how you do it.

More professional you are when you communicate, more people tend to listen and understand. So from now to forever no more high tones. Speak calmly, explaining what you want. And when you make an observation try to be patient. Moreover, when you respond, you have to stay calm and talk politely with everyone.

Often I heard coworkers talk rude and be unkind. Often people forget to say please and thank you. Sometimes at your workplace, you will get to know passive-aggressive coworkers. Be careful and smart. Don’t let them ever touch you personally. Intelligently talk to them.

So the way you speak to people, ask them something or explain will change perception and the final result; in better or in worse. It is your way of self-expression that turns the game. Be careful with words.

Be polite and never let people feel inferior.

We have so many problems in our lives, issues, and difficulties not depending on us; but one thing we can do. Be kind! And maybe our kindness can change someone’s day.

2. How to approach the client?

The way you talk is crucial when you approach the client. Not only how you speak but your body language will attract or not the potential customer. Don’t be ever aggressive. Treat the customer like you would someone treat you.

In the end, you will find your way to sell and learn to trade. I heard a lot that selling is something that you should learn. And probably they are right. However, in my mind, kindness nowadays is something that we should learn.

Relationship with, the client, is something that you create through time. It is very personal. But remember to stay true. Stay confident. Study a lot and bring that extra value to your customer. Don’t sell but give them the experience of a new product or service. This rule you can apply to any aspect of your career, professional life and maybe an aside hustle.

3. Grow your skills

Don’t stop ever to grow and upgrade skills. And I’m not talking only about university or courses. You can improve learning form t books, videos, professional and personal experience. It should be a natural way and a will to get better in what you are doing.

Does it happen to you te here from your coworkers, family or friends, or just people who you know that they know everything and don’t need to improve or upgrade their skills?  I heard pretty often. Most of the people are thinking that they already get the best and that they are the best. They don’t need to learn or do something to grow professionally. Often I hear that it is too late to learn, too late to change, too late to do anything. Well, they are wrong. Listen to this inspiring short video. It was so motivational for me and will be for you as well.

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4. Bring extra value

Giving something more, doing more than you have been asked, helping your co-workers; all that should be on your mind.

Bringin additional value at your work means that you’re bringing the extra worth to your company.

I don’t say that you have to stay hours after work, or doing other people job. Don’t let me wrong.

First, you have to individuate what can you do more. And then learn the skills that you need due to do that.

Knowledge of the product or service that you offer will bring more professionalism to you and at the same time give you extra value to the client. Knowledge of languages will make it easier to communicate with people, bringing additional value to the customer and the company.

It could be anything. Figure out what it is and invest in yourself.

In conclusion, I can say that it is hard work to do everything well. But we have to try to be better, to work harder and be nicer.

The work behaves tips that will change your career life


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about me

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