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wman at work

A woman at work. What is all about?

I am always talking about the fashion industry. How to get a job in fashion retailer luxury brands and so on. I am quite a lot interested in woman’s position at work and workplace. You may ask me why? Well, it is simple.

I know the fashion industry quite well. I have some experience in different areas but a considerable part of my life I’m working in fashion. However, there is not only a fancy part of a fashion job but as well more productive one.

Let me clarify for you.

Jobs such as product realization, quality control, tailoring, fabric purchase, and so on are a big part of this industry. But then again, there is a total lack of managers women in this industry.

According to what I found in this quite exciting post on Forbes, and according To BoF

Only 40 % of womenswer fashion brands are designed by women and only 14% of the 50 major fashion brands are run by women

And more I was reading this article; I understood that even this feminine industry as fashion is run mostly by men.

So what the heck is going one? Why doesn’t woman at work get the same result as a man?

Fashion is a feminine industry. Then what is wrong with us, lady? Why are men still our boss? Is the man a better leader than a woman?

According to the article, women are capable of senior positions, and they have all the credentials. What is missing is confidence.

The truth of the matter is that pretty much anywhere in the world men tend to think that they are much smarter than women.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzicut

I think that women are much more humble and have humility, strong and sensible at the same tame to take a higher position.

If we generalize we can say that women are competent to lead but men outscore them in confidence and ambition , which are key drivers.  

Nina Angelovska

woman at work

But then again, there are so many powerful, strong, and badass ladies out there. That is working hard and keep high the chin to show all those men out there that they are fully qualified to be and stay at the top.

These women powerfully drive me. And they are a role model.

And I love this expression form the last podcast that I heard

The reality is, if you think about all of that too much, you never get started. Every day, you just wake up and you put one step forward and then another step forward.

Stephanie Phair Farfetch’s chief strategy officer and British Fashion Council

It is so crucial to work toward our dreams, but sometimes we feel stuck. Or we do not know what step to make, what direction to take. It is like a blind picture with no light that could get us through.

It is so hard for our generation and much more difficult for a generation to come to find the path. The most common problem is that we all want to see our purpose. Yes, we can talk about the financial or prestige of a job, but we care about the mission. And especially a woman. Women out there, if you can hear me, we are so strong, but from time to time, we lose our mission, purpose, and ourselves only to make someone’s life better, or career more successful.

We have to work harder than anyone else, learn more, and be prepared for anything.

And yet, sometimes, there is no chance that we will get one or another position.

What to do?

Let’s start to form an education point. It could be a traditional college a university degree.

Or it could be a not traditional way of studying.

There are so many courses free and not, online and offline, books and audiobooks, YouTubers, and short courses aboard. Choose what you want. The choices are multiple but do not shop. Read the books and learn.

Learn a language

For example, you want to learn a new language than you start form finding a good teacher. It is crucial to start learning with a teacher. If you start with videos, books, or apps, it won’t help you.

The #1 Writing Tool

The beginning is a teacher. And then you can add whatever you want. You can get an app or maybe a classic and standard book on grammar. It will help. However, to learn correctly new language,e a teacher is the best choice. Believe me. I am in my third language. And what can I say from my personal experience is that it is much more comfortable with someone who does that as a profession. A teacher will give you a solid foundation. From that, you’ll build all your knowledge.


Take a course

Take a course in your interest. Whether it is a fashion, styling, writing, internal design, etc. find a course online, or it could be a short course in another city or country. The way I see it is quite simple. You can take a class for your pleasure, to learn something, and maybe that will make your career better and will get that kick in your but that you were waiting for.

Me, for example, working in the fashion industry, I must read a lot about what happening in this fashion world. I honestly love BOF and suggest to look. Now I am taking part in membership and find it great.

Stay true to who you are. Stay true to a woman at work

We try to change us for one or another reason. Maybe for the society where we live, or perhaps it is for people that we love, to take apart in your work team. As any human been want to be a part of something.

However, I kindly suggest you stay true to yourself. Everyone and each is so unique. And our uniqueness makes us special.

Take inspiration from other women gaining success

Take inspiration from a woman at work who made it through. Read about this wonderful woman, watch video or movie, and truly and honestly be happy about them. Take only the right form, without being envious or jealous. Because all of us have a path.







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