What are the major fashion jobs secrets?





What are the major fashion jobs secrets?

There are no major fashion jobs secrets to get a position in fashion. They are the same as in any industry. But I’ll give you some tips that I hope will help you to get through and get a fashion job of your desire.

Let’s get started!

1. Acquire expertise

The first secret to working in fashion is to have experience. Or better say you need to acquire knowledge.

And the more unusual experience you have, the better it is. I mean you can explore all not traditional areas — especially the digital market, social media content creating, analysis, digital marketing, collaboration with influencers. 

In short, nowadays, there is no specific degree to get a job in some of the many fashion areas.

You can have some courses but in the end and you have to have the first-hand experience.

In all area that you want to work, it is necessary to start to form the bottom.

In my opinion, such jobs as a fashion buyer, merchandiser, visual merchandiser, or retail manager should have a background of selling and be in contact with customers. 

When a buyer starts as a sales assistant or personal shopper, then it comes naturally to buy and become a buyer who understands the wishes of customers and the need of retailers.

I love fashion, and as long as I remember, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. But unfortunately, I can’t draw. But it never stopped me from wanting someday to work in the fashion industry. And the major fashion job secret is never giving up on searching. 

For now, I’m more styler than a designer, matching fabrics and colors — experimenting on my style. And when I’m with my clients in the boutique, I always try to be honest with them what suits them or not.

For now, I’m not brave enough to create something my own. But maybe one day.

But let’s back to us.

Apply for a job in Luxury Brand

So, I always knew that one day, I would work in the fashion industry.

And now I’ m here. I’m a sales associate for a long time. I’m working in a luxury brand, and I love it.

So when you search for a job don’t ever be afraid to start your journey in boutiques, especially in luxury ones.

Luxury brands are more willing to invest in their resources, to teach and make sure that who is working for them is a real professional.

I found this link on Linkedin, get a look for this opportunity at Dior. Many brands

Apply for your next job in fashion! Even if it is your first job, don’t be afraid to try a get workplace in luxury and high-level brands.

As a result, what I want to stay with this is that you can find a job in fashion even if it isn’t your primary choice. 

Most of the people working in luxury, mass-markets, or beauty areas will tell that there are many possible career paths. So, you have to decide which one to choose.

2. Where to start

You can start with an internship, and it is the best choice — Especcialy for those girls who are studying and are at the beginning of their career.

Every company out there is searching for new people who are willing to learn.

The path, however, isn’t easy. Prepare yourself to get no and be rejected. And try again.

If you’re at the beginning of your career, you can start with an internship, and it is the best way to understand what you want to do.

But for some apparent reason, many women out there can’t do it.

Sometimes we leave our dreams because we need to make money and it is quite impossible to do it for free.

I’ll give you some tips on how you can keep your goal of working in fashion or beauty, still earning money.

Cause let me be honest with you.

Dreaming is a beautiful feeling, and we all should chase our dream, but if meanwhile, we can earn some money, it is much better.


Don’t you think so? If you can take a free internship in a dream company, it is excellent.

But if you’re can’t afford it? What can you do? 

3. Experience. Find a job in the first line

Retail market

I mean that when you search for a career in fashion, luxury brand or mass-market, or even beauty area, then search for the lower position.

It could be a junior, assistant, maybe part-time.


Important is that you start somewhere. You grow your experience, and you earn money.

And believe having some numbers on your account that are not red will make feel much better. But back to us.

If you want to work in fashion retail, you could begin with a sales assistant.

It is a good start.

And today salesperson can earn more than ever.

From here, you can grow to the assistant manager and upper manager. As any sales assistant, you will learn some basics that rule in any business in this world.

How to build relationships with customers, how to sell a dream or a wish.

You can learn how to work in a team and be a team player and a leader, how to stay true to your self and don’t only sell a product but as well a way of leaving.

Beauty market.

If you like make-up, you can start to work as a sales assistant and maybe do some courses and become a specialist in sales.

You can learn a lot from working in beauty stores, not only about products but as well what women want.

And in most of the cases, it isn’t only because women what to be beautiful but because they want to be desired. You’ll learn tricks and tips about make up the industry from the first line, and maybe in the future, you can grow.

But you need to learn, study, and invest in yourself.

More then one time, I saw companies searching for sale trainer, makeup artist, professionals that know about products. 

The beauty industry is so robust market that you will always find a job.

An assistant role in an office could be an idea.

Maybe you’re excellent in organizing and scheduling; you can try to find a job in showrooms, or as a personal assistant. A bonus to find such situation is learning languages. And not only English but maybe another European language could be a bonus.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to find a job, get experience, and learn fast.

4. It is all about the customer

Today the market and I say every imaginable market is saturated with products and services. Everything that you could imagine was already invented.

It isn’t anymore about business to business, or business to customer. It is all about people. 

My advice is to improve your skills to become professional and bring value to the customer.

And I am not saying that the customer is always right. Not at all.

This definition is obsolete and offensive.

Your customer wants you to be real, authentic and professional.

Be honest.

Believe me, after many years working in fashion retail, in close contact with different customers, different backgrounds, countries two things a loyal and new customer appreciate the most, and they are professionalism and honesty.

With this, I mean that except preparation for selling your product or service you should be quite an expert in languages, global culture and able to talk, understand, and get an answer to your customer.

Read a lot and be curious about what happens in the world.

The major fahion jobs secrets

5. Evolve

Fashion is a tricky area.

Well, not only. Probably in any industry we can find some issues.

However, I am an expert in fashion and more in retail and can say that the fashion industry is evolving and changing very quickly, and so you should grow with it.

If you have passion for this industry, then find the way to get into it.

Read a lot, do some courses, networking, participate in projects. Build your online presence. Start to work.

The first-hand experience is such a plus for anyone who needs to build career form the scratches.

For example, I can tell you what I did. I learned about customer behavior. I was so interested in retail and how could I become a better sales assistant, due to bring value to the company and my customer.

So I read books relevant to this aspect. 

If you’re not into reading, there are a lot of audiobooks that you could listen when you’re going to work in your car.

Decide what it is unusual for you and dig into it.

So what are the major fashion jobs secrets? Can I apply these secrets to any job?

Yes, you can.


First, we have to start somewhere. We have to acquire experience and develop new skills. Always learning. There are no major or primary fashion job secrets.

Second, we have to concentrate on a customer.

The customer is key to a successful business.

And I’m talking not only about big companies. It could be a startup, a small family business, online activity, even a blog.

We have to concentrate on bringing value to the customer, through service, proper approach, professionalism, kindness.

Kindness to them but as well to our colleagues. I’ll always repeat there is no way that you could work in a pleasant working environment without always saying please and thank you. More often, people forget to mention these words.

My experience

The worst thing that you can get is no as answer. 

Once a colleague of mine told me that when she was searching for a job in the fashion industry, she was looking only a luxury and high brand positions.

And I asked her if she was afraid that she has no experience to get a negative response.

She told me that if she didn’t try, she wouldn’t know.

Always try. You never know.

Now, after a few years working in Dubai, Paris, and St.Tropez, she was right.

The secret is that we have to aim high and more.

Why not? So, in the end, what are these major fashion jobs secrets?

Well, the same as for everything else: work hard, study, and never give up.

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What are the major fashion jobs secrets


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