When is the time to quit your job




More often now I’m wondering if it is the time to quit my job. How to find out the exact right moment to go further in your career. When is the right time to leave your workplace? When is time to chase your dream?

1. You have another job.

You can leave your current workplace when you have already found another one. Or you have your business that you are running for some time and it brings you a stable income.

It is a must.

You have to provide you and your family needs, and because of that, you have to work even if you think it is impossible. Because your job covers all that basic needs such as home, car, food, studies of your kids, it let you pay debts. Working is a must. So you can quit your job only when you have something else on your hand, and just in this case.

2. No inspiration and no space to grow.

Doing the same tasks forever, knowing that you can’t learn more, be clear in mind that in your current workplace you can’t grow. It seems familiar to you? Then you are ready to change.

But until you work, you have to give all of yourself. If it isn’t your dream job, still do it well to the end.

I get it, it could be frustrating to do the same job forever, but you have to give a hundred percent, and not less.

You have set goals set, and you know what you want to do. You are working on that. Whatever it is or research for a new position or a business online, an aside hustle. Still, it shouldn’t be hard for you to accomplish your work tasks with efficiency.

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3. Financial stability

You will hear me often talking about financial security because I’m a lot into budgeting and saving money.

All of that because once I was in a dangerous money situation with no job, no money and no future. At that time I was thinking like that, that I have no perspective. From that moment I decided that I will do everything to not be in that kind of situation.

It is hard. It seems hopeless especially when you are unemployed, and you have to pay rent, food, car and a bunch of other stuff.

So before you make any step, you have to have an emergency fund of at least three months of expenses.

It is crucial to have stability in life, and money, in this case, is the key. Having savings makes me feel more stable and free to choose what I want to do and not what I need to.

If you are like me a woman and you can’t afford to do an internship you have to find an alternative way to get your dream job.

It could be blogging as it is for me, maybe freelancing, some courses to do, language to learn.

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Last thought

Everything that you can do still working from 9-5, providing for your family. It isn’t simple. It is very hard.
Is it worth it? Always.
Whatever you learn will be part of your professional portfolio. My mom calls it knowledge baggage, that doesn’t weight though. Think a lot, prepare yourself, save some money and start to work on your goals.
Let me know if you have other advice on how to find the right time to quit your job.


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about me

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