Why we hate our job, but why we don’t change it?





One of the key themes and even issues are not being satisfied with your career.

We hate our job, but we don’t change it.

Everyday folks wake up in the morning and go to the workplace with no desire; some of them hate their job and feel stuck. Why does that happen? Why don’t people live the position that they hate so much? Do people afraid to go out of their comfort zone?

I read a fascinating article lately, and some of the points were so true and realistic that I couldn’t go through my post today. Practically one of the reason why people don’t leave their job because like it said in the article we like to be liked. Even if it costs us a stressful life, anxiety a bunch of other problems, however there some other key reasons why some of us stuck to our current workplace.

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Let’s talk about that

And moreover, I would like to pull out this particular question: Why we hate our job, but why we don’t change it?

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Sometimes the reasons why we hate our job are not enough to leave it. After all it a stable place, we receive a good salary, and we already know everything about it. We can accomplish tasks with closed eyes.

That’s it. When we can do a job without going out of our comfort zone is the reason why most of us don’t’ want to change a situation.

For the same reason we afraid to change, we don’t know what is waiting out there, what skills we should learn. Are we good enough for this new position?

Well, guess what we are enough. Be bold. If you have no other excuse or health problem, you know what? You can manage it. You can do whatever you want.

Work hard, every day a little bit more until you get there. And when you get there work even harder to stay. – endlesscontant

Another reason why we don’t change a job is that we are hoping that one day we’ll wake up, and suddenly current workplace becomes our dream job. Well, guess what? It won’t happen.

Financial freedom

The second most essential reason why people don’t change a position because they have an unstable financial situation. We have to pay bills, debts, and provide to the family. So how possibly we can think that we can change a secure workplace for something unknown. Or maybe to turn a job you need to do a low-paid or unpaid at all internship. But how? If you need money.

I’ll try to give you some tips to help to go through this rough situation.

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Moove inside your company

Most of the companies nowadays don’t want to change staff. They want to keep the same people, the right workers, that are loyal to the company. But as companies, people are evolving, growing and wanting to change. Because of that, inside companies, you can find a position that suits your current mindset. Ask an HR manager if there some open position that could match with your CV.

I don’t say it is easy. Probably it is harder than you thought. But try, give a shot, and maybe you will find a career position that you’re searching. And I want to spend a few words to HR. No perfect candidate could perfectly match an open work offer. Well, it doesn’t exist for ages anymore. So try to give a chance for a people that maybe not completely respond to all requests but are willing to learn and provide an extra mile. That extra mile is something extra, how can I say, a bonus that the company can receive.

The biggest challeng we all faced tgroughout our career is to be brave enough to walk away when we are in situation that does not contribute to our growth and development. – Brigette Hyacinth

Save for your future

With that, I want to say that for many successful people that have now a relevant bank account, life was not like that at the beginning. They saved money and worked hard, they took risks, and at the end, they get there. But let start from the beginning. You need to be honest with yourself and crystal clear about the financial situation. How much you earn, debts you pay and what you can save. It is hard and painful. But necessary. Make a plan and the budget to go through. Take a look at the book that was useful for me. It is a Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.


Mainly the book teaches you how to pay the debt in a snowball method. However, you can’t apply the same approach in all countries. Still, the writer speaks not only about debts but about money in general, about our behavior and how we should learn to use the money.

Article I love: The simple but surprisingly effective way to crush your debts.

Money is one of the biggest reason why people are afraid to change their job. Put some effort into working hard and paying debts, and saving. When you have some money apart, it is much easier to understand what you want to do and finally to change a job. Be brave and cautious at the same time.

Do you really want to change?

I don’t think we hate our job.

So, if you want to change your position, then you should do it. But first, make sure that you have some money saved. And remember it is always easier to find a new job when you’re still employed. However, make a plan of the steps to make. As some questions, and be completely honest. For example:

  1. Do I want to change my Job?
  2. If so, do I want to stay in my company and ask for a promotion, or I need fresh air?
  3. What criteria, background,  politics should have a company that I want to work for?
  4. Do I need to upgrade my skills?
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. Can I take that risk?

If you genuinely want to change your career, for one or another reason, then nothing can stop you. And honestly, I think it isn’t because we hate our job.

Sometimes you feel not welcome in your team, and working in a toxic environment it is unhealthy, so better to leave. Or maybe the company qualities and politics don’t respect yours and no matter how much they pay you, it worthless. Be true to yourself, making a good plan. Taking risks, but providing to your family.

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